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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Trophy Largemouth on the Fly, with Jay Aylward

This week I interview Orvis-endorsed guide Jay Aylward [51:05], a largemough bass fanatic on the fly rod, about how to find and catch them.  And not just any largemouth, but trophy bass.  Or at least trophies on a fly rod… In the Fly Box this week, I get some great tips from listeners and also some interesting questions, including:

Fly pattern suggestions for a road trip across Colorado What are your top 10 trout flies I should tie? How does water fluctuation below a dam affect trout behavior? I can’t catch trout on anything but worm flies and woollies in my local river.  Why can’t I catch them on standard nymphs? How do I sort through the creek chubs to catch the nice brook trout below them? Can I cut my poly leader back to make it shorter? What line do I need to put on my 10-foot 8-weight single handed rod if I want to try some two-handed casts? Why did a fly shop put a 6-foot leader on my outfit when I bought it? A listener offers more suggestions on why you should tie your own leaders.A nother suggestion on how to record small streams you fish–the Basemap app. What is an affordable, dependable Orvis rod? Why can’t I catch the carp in my local pond?  Do you have any suggestions?

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