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Brett White | This river has some MASSIVE MONSTERS!! (fish over 200lbs!! 😱)

Brett White | This river has some MASSIVE MONSTERS!! (fish over 200lbs!! 😱)

In this episode of Korda’s The Thinking Tackle Podcast, is avid Kent-based carp angler, Brett White.

Brett White has fished extensively both in the UK and in Europe. In 2002 he narrowly lost out on breaking the British carp record following the capture of Two Tone from Mid Kent Fisheries, Conningbrook Lake. The fished weighed in at 60lb 9oz, missing out on the record by just 7 ounces!

Away from his success on Conningbrok, Brett has been equally effective on many other high-profile lakes, such as Harrow Waltonians. His short session style of fishing helped him to catch some of the prestigious lakes’ most cherished residents, including Tyson and The Donor Fish.

Back in the 1980s, Brett was part of the early group of English carp anglers to discover European carp fishing. These early excursions led him to Holland and into France, Whitey Tours was born!

Inspired by his early experiences, he decided to purchase a house in Mequinenza, on the banks of the River Ebro in Spain. His knowledge of this river stretch has led him, and other people to catching some monstrous carp and catfish!

Despite a recent cancer diagnosis, Brett hasn’t let this news deter him from enjoying his life, all the while, continuing to be a tremendously successful angler. Brett gives a colourful and intriguing glimpse into his angling while recounting some fantastic stories along the way!

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