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Carp Fishing With Cheap SUPERMARKET BAITS!

Carp Fishing With Cheap SUPERMARKET BAITS!

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Carp Fishing With Cheap SUPERMARKET BAITS!

For this latest episode we headed back down at East Delph Lakes in Cambridgeshire, where we’d booked another 24 hour carp fishing session. Now after our success last time at the venue, after we’d forgotten our bait and used only sweetcorn, we thought we’d try a bait challenge. BUT this time instead of using only sweetcorn, we decided we’d only used baits purchased from the supermarket!

To find out a exactly how we got on and if we managed to catch a few fish, then watch the latest episode from the waters edge…

As usual we hope you enjoy it and any feedback is always much appreciated.

Tight Lines

From The Waters Edge TV

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