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Dave Levy | I ESCAPED DEATH … and caught an 88lb carp!

Dave Levy | I ESCAPED DEATH ... and caught an 88lb carp!

On this episode of Korda’s, The Thinking Tackle Podcast is avid angler and highly respected carp fisherman, Dave Levy.

Dave Levy has been a carp angler since the 1980s, after being introduced through his father to angler Gerry Chandler. This introduction led to an obsession that has never diminished. Since then, Dave has established himself as one of the most astute carp anglers around today, with countless big carp to his name. His extensive carp fishing knowledge and accomplishments stem from an insatiable need to learn everything about their behaviour and environment. He is the author of Fallen Kings, a book that follows his carp-angling life and angling successes.

After leaving home at 16 years old, Dave got selected to join the elite Parachute Regiment of the British Army. During his four years of service, he completed 98 parachute jumps. On June 20th, 1995, Dave was making his 13th jump when disaster struck. During a parachute jump involving other soldiers, another para came crashing through his canopy, causing it to fail. It resulted in Dave falling nearly five hundred feet, where he narrowly avoided death.

Dave has had extensive successes from a magnitude of different waters. Staring from his early angling experiences fishing, Gloucester Park in Basildon, right up to fishing some of the country’s best-known waters such as Horton, Sutton, and the Essex Manor. One of his most memorable campaigns was on a relatively unfished large reservoir containing a limited stock of carp, resulting in the capture of a previously uncaught forty-pound fish. Furthermore, while filming The Great Escape for RidgeMonkey, Dave landed an enormous 88lb mirror carp live on film from Jezero Sumbar in Croatia.

Dave has a remarkable portfolio of impressive captures from practically every lake he has fished. During the podcast, we discuss the methods and tactics used in some of his most significant catches. We also learn more about Dave away from his fishing and the mindset that makes him who he is today.

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