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James Armstrong | Danny Fairbrass' CRAZY carp fishing request!

James Armstrong | Danny Fairbrass' CRAZY carp fishing request!

On this episode of Korda’s Thinking Tackle Podcast, is professional carp angler and fishing coach, James “Jimmie” Armstrong.

James has been a passionate angler since his early childhood. Because of his fishing obsession, he has built a highly successful career centred around his fishing media background.

James’s career started at David Hall Publishing, the publisher responsible for Advanced Carp Fishing and Total Carp. Following this, he moved to Korda, where he continued to develop his media experience. He appeared on several episodes of Thinking Tackle while evolving his other media skills.

He currently works as a freelancer for several high-profile carp fishing brands, including CC Moore and RidgeMonkey. Furthermore, he runs carp fishing tutorials and created the angling-dedicated website, Gilly.

James’s has caught an impressive array of carp over the years, including the Park Lake Common, at over 53 pounds, and the stunning linear from Eggets Lake.

On this episode of the podcast, Jimmie shares his most recent fishing success with us while also recounting some of his amusing anecdotes from his Korda days. He also gives us an insight into his impressive in-depth angling knowledge and infectious passion for everything fishing.

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