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Korda Thinking Tackle OD 4 EP3: Darrell Peck & Oscar Thornton | Carp Fishing 2021

Korda Thinking Tackle OD 4 EP3: Darrell Peck & Oscar Thornton | Carp Fishing 2021

UK SYNDICATE 40lb CARP – Carp fishing for big carp with Darrell Peck and Oscar Thornton.
An exciting, challenging “Toby Carvery” of a final episode to Thinking Tackle OD 4. Darrell Peck and big carp catcher, Oscar Thornton are searching out ‘ ’ and it is epic! The lads visit Embryo’s Cables Lake, near Abingdon, as they attempt to try and catch some of its chunky residents, which have been piling on the weight and now top 40lb+.

This film isn’t just for those of you that fish syndicate waters, as the challenges and problems they need to overcome are common on any water. Darrell and Oscar arrive to find that the lake is flooded, it hasn’t been producing much to the normal tactics of fishing and they are left with some head-scratching decisions to make.

Having seen a few show in the middle of the lake upon arrival, Oscar decides he can’t ignore them. Whilst Darrell opts for a very different approach, and having heard some fish moving in a reed bed in a corner of the lake, he opts to just fish one rod, casting tight to this feature.

Can Darrell prove one rod in the right place is sometimes all that you need? Well let’s just say in Darrell’s own words it becomes a “Toby Carvery” and both lads start catching some seriously stunning fish… but can they winkle out the 40lb+ prize they are targeting?

If this episode highlights anything, it is the need to adapt to the way that the fish are behaving whilst you are at the water. This final episode of the series also includes some great tactical insights from both anglers, and after watching it, should you find yourself in a similar situation at your local venue, you will be well prepared to make the most of it and catch more carp.

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