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National Fishing Month 2021 | Get Fishing TV

National Fishing Month 2021 | Get Fishing TV

National Fishing Month will run from 24 July to 30 August 2021.


It is a chance to celebrate angling as a sport and for everyone in the angling community to get more people involved. Hundreds of events will be scheduled across the country throughout the month.

People who have never fished before will get a chance to learn the basics. Steps are being taken to improve diversity among anglers.

National Fishing Month events and activities will be showcasing the fact that fishing is an accessible activity that absolutely anyone can take up and enjoy.

We feel very strongly that the joys of fishing should be enjoyed by everyone as it offers a great way for more people to enjoy our waterways.

Fishing is a chance to relax in the great outdoors, learn a new skill and make new friends. We really hope they catch the buzz and buy a licence to continue fishing for a long time to come.

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