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Thinking Tackle OD Trailer 2021 | Korda Carp Fishing

Thinking Tackle OD Trailer 2021 | Korda Carp Fishing

New THINKING TACKLE OD (2021) hits YouTube from Sunday 1st August 5.00pm and features some very large UK carp!

DANNY & DARRELL are BACK! Follow the exciting exploits of these two big carp catching machines as they show us exactly how they go about catching ‘bigguns’ from a variety of different types of waters in England. We also are excited to introduce Oscar Thornton to TTOD.

Sun 1st August | 5pm

Danny and Darrell pay a visit to Broom Big Lake, which is a large, weedy pit in Bedfordshire and offers a real challenge – both in terms of finding the fish in 45 acres of water, but also then catching them. The venue is home to a huge common, known as Milestone, which has topped the 50lb+ mark, a mirror known as Bullion which goes mid-40s plus a number of carp well over 30lb. The pair approach the water in their own signature way… one proves to be very effective and results in the capture of a seriously special fish.

Sun 8th August | 5pm

Danny and Darrell head to the Cotswolds to explore an overgrown pit known only as ‘Snails Lake’. After Embryo recently secured the fishing rights, it’s up to them to test fish it and explore the largely unknown stock. This is real wild fishing, as Danny and Darrell will have to make their own swims and information on the fishing is very limited.It isn’t long before they start to get to grips with the venue employing a variety of tactics and doing their best to stay on the fish in this exciting adventure.

Sun 15th August | 5pm

Darrell Peck is joined by, big carp catcher, Oscar Thornton at Cables Lake, near Abingdon as they attempt to try and catch some of its mega residents. Many of the fish have been piling on weight, with some tipping the scales at 40lb+. They arrive at the syndicate to find that the lake is flooded and are told that it hasn’t been producing much to the normal tactics. Undeterred, the two begin working out how to extract these beautiful beasts from their flooded home. Hope you’re ready for a “toby carvery”.

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