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What it's like to be a sponsored carp angler | Tom Stokes Podcast

What it's like to be a sponsored carp angler | Tom Stokes Podcast

On this episode of Korda’s Thinking Tackle Podcast is sponsored angler coordinator, Tom Rossiter and Korda sponsored carp angler, Tom Stokes.

Tom Stokes is one of the rising stars within the UK carp fishing scene. Over the last few years, he has caught some of the country’s most revered carp including, The Burghfield Common and Wasing’s Big Common from Oxlease Lake, at a personal best weight of 53lb 10oz. Following his appearance on the Thinking Tackle Podcast last year, Tom swiftly became a Korda sponsored angler.

Tom Rossiter is Korda’s sponsored angler coordinator and a passionate carp angler. He works directly with all Korda’s sponsored anglers, gathering their feedback on tackle and recording captures.

Korda Mindset is a platform dedicated to promoting the captures and photography of a select group of sponsored anglers. This year, Tom has been filming an exclusive fishing diary piece for Korda Mindset. These unique and individual films cover the fishing campaigns of top sponsored anglers, Tom Stokes, Luke Vallory, and Luke Stevenson.

In this episode, we enter the world of the sponsored angler. Tom Stokes talks about the changes to his life since becoming a sponsored angler, while also reliving some of his season’s remarkable captures. Tom Rossiter adds his perspective from his professional position, as they both give an intriguing glimpse into this much-talked-about world.

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