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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Fly-Tying Material Subsitutions, with Cheech Pierce

My guest this week is Cheech from Fly Fish Food [@36:00], a highly regarded tier and teacher whose videos are popular with serious fly tiers.  He’s an engaging character who knows fly materials inside and out.  We talk fly material substitutions, particularly hook styles, and ramble on all sorts of things related to fly tying.  I hope you find it as fun to listen to as I did to record it.   In the Fly Box this week we have these questions and comments:

  • What do I use for leader formulas?
  • I am used to graphite; what should I expect from a short, delicate glass rod?
  • Can I vary from the 60:20:20 formula if I tie my own leaders?
  • A discussion of brook trout habitat and survival
  • I broke four inches off my old Trident TLS rod.  It’s no longer under the 25-year guarantee as my dad bought it in a pawn shop.  Is there any way I can still use it?
  • What is a simple buggy nymph I can tie up, as a novice fly tier?
  • Why is my casting more accurate with my short fiberglass rod than with my longer, heavier graphite rods?
  • Do all fish behave the same?
  • Can you recommend a good hatch guide for Tennessee?



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