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Fishing Jackets and Hoodies

Outerwear for angling

Stay warm and dry when out fishing with our choice of outerwear.

Our fishing clothing and outfitting department feature a wide range of outdoor wear for angling including jackets and hoodies.


Showing 1–20 of 65 results

Showing 1–20 of 65 results

Outer layers for fishing

Our outer layers clothing section for anglers aims to keep you warm and dry in adverse weather. Fishing is a year-round sport and you need to be fitted out in the correct clothing to stay protected against the elements.

Whether you are on the bank during the cold winter months or hit by a shower while out on the boat, this winter and wet gear are for you.

Choose from a growing range of fashionable fishing wear including;

  • shower jackets
  • fleece hoodies
  • down jackets



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