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Fishing Tackle Vests

life jackets and buoyancy aids for angling

We have a range of fishing vests that are ideal for fly-fishing or fishing off a boat. They have multiple pockets to keep essential fishing tackle handy.

Many of our vests also have buoyancy aid floats to help you stay afloat if the worst happens. Whether you are fishing on a kayak or waist-deep in waders the buoyancy aid vests can be a real lifesaver.

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Showing all 6 results

Multifunction and pocket fishing vests

Our utility vests are perfect for fishing. They have plenty of pockets in them to keep all your most important tackle handy. They are ideal for fly-fishing or boat fishing when space is at a premium.

Buoyancy aids for fishing

When fly-fishing or normal fishing in waders it is essential that you have some sort of buoyancy aid in case of emergency. As the waders fill with water it can be difficult to stay above water unless you have some sort of buoyancy aid or full life jacket.

Many of our fishing utility vests also have buoyancy aid compartments to allow foam floats to be inserted offer that essential safety aspect. Some come complete with these floats built-in.

Buoyancy aid for kayak fishing

Having some sort of life jacket when kayak fishing or fishing from another type of boat is essential. Especially if you are fishing at a distance from land. Our fishing vets with floatation aids and foams are a great way to keep essential tackle handy and also give the security of having a life-saving vest on in emergencies. 

Fishing life jacket

If you are looking for a fishing vest with floatation aids always check the description of the vest for its properties. Not all of our utility vests provide floatation or buoyancy functions. Always check the description and also check the description for sizes and weight limits.

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