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Fishing Bags and Boxes

Keep your angling tackle safe and easy to carry

Over the years a fishing tackle collection can become valuable. These fishing rod bags and tackle boxes will help to protect your tackle.

Keeping rods and reels dust and dirt free while out fishing is important and having your fishing tackle organised and clean makes for a better day’s angling.

Choose from our growing range of value fishing bags and tackle boxes.


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Protecting and looking after your fishing tackle

Fishing gear can quickly add up in value so it's important to look after the tackle and protect it from damage and dirt. Accidents happen as you travel to your fishing peg and well-protected rods and reels can survive the knocks and scrapes that inevitably happen.

There's also a risk that your tackle could enter the water so a good waterproof box can help keep your floats, weights and hooks dry should the inevitable happen.

We need to remember that as anglers we spend a lot of time in the outdoors and close to the mud, water and other environmental hazards. Well packed fishing tackle stands a much better chance of surviving longer in top condition if the correct bags and boxes are used.

Rod bags

There are so many different types of rod bag to choose from. Some of the cheaper models don't have much protection from heavy knocks but are suitable for keeping your rods clean and protected from light damage.

As you spend more the more expensive rod carriers offer different levels of padding and protection. At the top of the fishing rod holder hierarchy is the solid pipe type rod carriers. These can protect rods from quite substantial treatment including accidentally running over them with a car.

We all know how superstitious we are as anglers and we all have a favourite rod that we keep and use for years. A good rod holder will offer protection and safety for that rod.

Reel bags

Of all our angling equipment the reel is probably the most delicate. The reel has the most moving parts of any fishing tackle gear. As such the delicate ball-bearings and gears need to be protected from water, dirt and dust.

Reel bags can offer various levels of protection. Some will zip up or close completely and are perfect for storing the reels. Others will zip around or button around the reel while it is still attached to the rod. These are great for when you are out at your fishing location but need to move between pegs. The reel bag will protect it from any dirt or mud should you drop the rod.

Tackle bags

Tackle bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From backpacks to front packs and sit on bags to large bags with wheels. Serious days fishing could even involve the need for a trolley to transport your items.

For most hobby anglers a good bag should be easy to carry have enough space for rods, a couple of reels, and some tackle boxes for your rigs, floats, and baits.

Many bags will have some sort of padding and weather protection to help keep your tackle dry and safe.

For those fishing on a boat, the space available is one of the limiting factors as to what you can take and carry.

If you are doing sea fishing from rocky beaches then a front pack like a papoose is perfect for keeping all your tackle handy while also keeping your hands free to clamber along the beach to different spots as the tide comes in or goes out.

Tackle boxes

Tackle boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on what you need to store. Many are compartmentalized to keep things as floats, hooks and baits organised. The compartments also help to stop hooks and rigs from getting entangled too much.

You can buy waterproof and floating tackle boxes that are good for protecting a lot of tackle. You can also buy tackle boxes made of perforated plastic which allows water from baits to drain out and reduces the risk of hooks getting rusty.

One important thing is not to overload tackle boxes especially with the tackle that includes hooks. Trying to untangle half a dozen lures on the side of a riverbank or in a boat can quickly become annoying and frustrating.

When you look at buying boxes and bags for your tackle, take some time out and think about how you want to organise things. What rods and reels do you use the most of and what fishing tackle is your go-to stuff. Then choose the boxes you need around your preferred tackle collection.

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