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Fishing Clothing

Gear to keep you warm, dry and safe

Fishing is not just about sitting with a can of something cool on the bank of a river during the height of summer. Fishing is about taking on the elements as well as the fish.

We have a range of specialist clothing to chose from that aims to keep you warm, dry and safe no matter what the weather or conditions are.




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Clothing to stay safe and comfortable when fishing

Fishing doesn't need many specialist garments. Some types of fishing may need more than others, for instance, fly fishing may involve waders and buoyancy aids. But generally, any good quality clothing for outdoors will work well for fishing.

That said, there are some obvious situations where specialist clothing for anglers makes life so much easier. Nice thick waterproof and thermal gloves may be ideal to keep your hands warm, but they are no use in holding a fish to dislodge a hook or to tie up your rig. In this situation, special angling gloves come into their own. no slip palms and cut away fingers offers a good compromise on warmth and usability.

A fishing jacket with lots of pockets can help to keep your tackle handy when out fishing. Add in some foam inserts and that vest also becomes a buoyancy aid for fly-fishing or boat fishing.

Seasonal wear for anglers considerations

Whatever the season you need to dress to protect. During the summer months with the Sun at it's strongest, you need clothing with high UV blocking.  You don't want to consider the direct UV from the Sun but when you are by water the UV can reflect back at you, effectively almost doubling the amount of UV radiation you receive. A good long-sleeve shirt, trousers and hat can substantially reduce your risk of skin cancer. Slap on plenty of sun cream as well to protect bare skin.

In the winter it's the cold and wet you need to worry about. If you are out for the day a tent or umbrella with sidewalls can offer lots of protection. Clothing-wise it's all about layers and for extra comfort ensure it's breathable and will transfer your sweat away from your body.

We feature and sell a good range of specialist clothing and apparel for fishermen and anglers.

Video on an example of winter wear for anglers

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