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fishing shoes

Fishing Shoes

a firm grip when near to water

Water-resistant or easy draining shoes that are ideal for fishing. Whether you are wading through the surf for beach fishing or onboard a boat these shoes offer non-slip soles and a comfortable fit.

Fishing and especially sea angling can have a detrimental impact on normal shoes. But these shoes are ideal for fishing as they have been made with materials that are resistant to rot and salt.

Great looking shoes that are ideal for the beach or the boat.


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Aqua shoes

Water shoes that are ideal for fishing

A great pair of shoes for fishing are comfortable and can handle water well. You don't want to be wearing your £100 trainers when out fishing with the damage that water can do to shoes.

Aqua shoes are the perfect solution for fishing. With non-slip soles they are comfortable and safe when out on the boat. When out on the beach fishing the open mesh allows water to quickly and easily run out.

Made to be more robust than general water sock type of shoe and more comfortable and secure to wear than a sandal, the aqua shoe is a great compromise for fishing footwear.

 When you need to buy a quality shoe for beach casting or boat fishing take a browse through our range to find a fashionable look for your own needs.



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