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staying warm and dry when on the riverbank

Fishing is mainly an outdoor sport so you need to be equipped for the ever-changing water in the UK. When you need to purchase a new fishing jacket or outerwear check out our range of clothing.

We have high quality and value ranges to suit all budgets. From technical waterproofs to thermal lined hoodies we have the range you need for all-weather fishing in Britian.



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Fishing outfitters

providing you with quality outerwear


Being equipped for changing weather when you are outdoor fishing all day is essential to stay dry, warm and comfortable, no one is going to spend hours standing on the riverside when they are wet and uncomfortable.

We strive to provide you with quality and value for money outwear when it's time for you to buy new items.

We offer lightweight technical waterproofs for the summer showers through to thermal lines fleeces and coats to fight off the winter cold.

At Tackle King we aim to provide all the clothing that is required to enjoy the sport of angling. We also aim to sell at a great value price to keep our favourite sport as affordable as possible.

When we choose the outwear to sell we always seek to put value before cheapness. you may find cheaper fishing jackets and clothing elsewhere but we ask that you compare the quality too.


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