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Fishing Combos

kits and sets for anglers

Buying a rod and reel together as a package can sometimes save you money.  Como sets also make for good gifts to anglers.

We also have a range of gift and presentation sets for anglers that make great fishing prizes and thank you sets.



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Showing all 15 results

Rods and Reels Combination Sets


Buying a rod and reel at the same time in a combination set can save you money on buying individually. You also know that the combination is perfectly matched for fishing. 

We have a wide range of combination packages that have been put together by the manufacturer. This means each is ideally suited for the other.

Additionally, we also have a range of gifts sets and beginner sets that you can buy.

Fishing is a great hobby for all people and our beginner sets offer pretty much everything you need to start fishing - just add water.

We also sell a rangee of gift sets suitable for use as presentation gifts and prizes. What better retirement present than a quality rod and reel in a hard case for those lazy days ahead.

When you are in the market for a new fishing rod and reel then our combination sets can help you save money.


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