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A good quality fishing line can make all the difference when out enjoying the sport for a day. Whether you are coarse fishing on a lake, competition fishing for carp or out on a boat sea angling, a good line can save the day.

We supply high-quality lines with a preference for the Ghotda brand. They’ve been making fishing lines for over 10 years. Using the latest Japanese nylons that have been developed for angling Ghotda manufactures some quality line at value for money prices.


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The quality line to bring the fish in

Good quality line helps you to bring the fish in. Its one of the most important parts of your angling kit and care should be taken to choose wisely.

The line you choose will very much depend on what type of fishing you prefer and the size of the fish you target. Fishing line comes in various types and diameters that have different breaking strains.

3 types of fishing line

There are 3 main ways that fishing line is produced;

  • monofilament - these are very economical to buy. It's an ideal choice for a beginner. A lot of monofilament lines suffer from soaking up water and stretching under strain. Traditionally monofilaments have also tended to float. this makes it a great line for top fishing. modern nylon technology can now produce monofilament line that sinks quickly like fluorocarbon line.
  • fluorocarbon - this is a strong line that offers great sinking ability. It's a little more expensive than monofilament but offers better functions such as a line that sinks quickly. For the diameter, it offers a higher breaking strain than similar diameter monofilament. It also has abrasion resistance to reduce breakage if the line runs over rocks during the fight in bringing the fish home.
  • braided - this is a more expensive line but offers superior strength and handling. While traditionally braided line will float, modern nylon technology means it can sink almost as quickly as fluorocarbon line. Braided line doesn't stretch like monofilament and transmits the fight better. Braided line is very abrasive resistant and can withstand a lot of stress. you can buy different braid numbers such as 4 strands, 8 strands and 9 strands.

you purchase line on spools of different lengths. The largest spools offer the best value. You can also buy fishing line in a range of colours depending on personal preferences.

Multicolour fishing line

One type of fishing line some people use is multi-coloured. This means that every 10 meters of so the colour of the line changes. Some anglers use this type of line as a way to accurately gauge the distance of their casting.

Accurate distance estimation in casting is important to deliver your bait into the same area consistently, especially into an area that is delivering bites.

This sort of line can be a useful tool for beginners so they can start to practice accurate casting.

Video of the 3 types of fishing line

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