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landing and keep nets for angling


We have a small range of landing and keep nets for anglers. All nets featured here meets the UK regulations for size and mesh.

Keepnets must:

  • have no knotted meshes or meshes of metallic material
  • have holes smaller than 25mm
  • be more than 2 metres long
  • have supporting rings or frames less than 40cm apart and more than 120cm in circumference

A keepsack must be:

  • made from a soft, dark coloured, non-abrasive and water permeable fabric
  • at least 120cm by 90cm if rectangular
  • at least 150cm by 30cm by 40cm if used with a frame
  • used to hold no more than one fish at a time

Landing nets

You can’t use a landing net with any meshes that are knotted or made of metallic material.

UK Government



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Keep and landing nets


Our fishing landing and keep nets meet UK legislation. this means they can be used throughout Britain without an issue.

Our keep nets are long enough to keep the fish safe and comfortable. We also offer a small range of landing nets that are suitable for medium-sized fish.

We are always looking for more types of fishing nets, especially larger landing nets, so keep checking back to see the latest models we sell.

Landing and keep nets are an important part of your fishing tackle and we aim to provide great value-driven prices on all our fishing tackle.



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