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The best artificial baits for fishing

We feature a growing range of both specialist lures and more general artificial baits for anglers.

Whether you are looking for minnow lures, frog lures and squid bait for both sea and freshwater fishing we have something for your needs.


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Artificial baits to catch the big fish

Artificial baits come in all shapes and sizes. Which one you use will depend on the water conditions, the weather and the fish species you are targeting.

The main families of artificial baits are:

  • Plugs - These are also known as crankbait. They are generally made from hard plastic and patterned to resemble a small fish. Depending on the design plugs can be used throughout the water column as they can float, dive, sink or hover within the water column.
  • Jigs - or jigbait. These tend to have a softer body, often soft plastic and are recognised by a weighted head. These types of baits can often resemble worms or other bottom prey. They are used toom-feeder fish.
  • Spinnerbait - often have two parts; a metal disc and a skirt to hide the hook. The skirt could be strands of plastic or feathers. The metal disc will spin in the water and catch the eye of the fish.
  • Spoons - are curved pieces of metal. These spin and reflect light as you pull them through the water. This flashing appearance aims to attract your target fish species.
  • Soft plastics - are popular in sea fishing where soft plastic lures can resemble squid, octopus, shrimp and other sea fishing prey. They are also popular in freshwater fishing for larger target fish. here the soft plastic baits will look like frogs, lizards and worms.
  • Flies - these are specialised type of bait for fly-fishing. They can either be dry flies that rest on top of the water or wet flies that go under the water surface. There are commercially made flies available but the seasoned fly-fisher will always take pride in their hand-made fly collection.

Artificial bait for sale

We aim to offer a good range of different artificial baits for you to buy.  Many of our lures and baits come as part of a multi-pack to allow us to justify the free shipping option.

When it comes to buying artificial bait it's always worth the time to consider which fish you want to target and research some popular effective pattern and shapes. Different fish species are attracted to different lure designs.

A look at some types of lures

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