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Fishing Rod Rests

keeping your fishing rods safe and organised

Rod rests are used to help keep your fishing rod and reel out of the mud and wet conditions when fishing. This helps keep your tackle in good condition. It also helps to keep your lines organised when fishing with more than 1 rod.

We have a range of fishing rod stands and holders to suit all budgets.



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Keeping rods clean and dry on the riverbank


Rod rests serve two purposes for the angler;

  • they keep the fishing rod handy and within reach,
  • they keep the rod and reel out of the dirt and mud that is found along rivers and lakes.

There are lots of different styles and types of fishing rod rests or holders. They all pretty much serve the same purposes

We aim to offer and sell a range of rod rests. These include rests for single rods and also rod 'trees' that can hold several rods at the same time.

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