10g 8cm S Swimming Action Crankbaits Fishing Lure Wobblers Sinking

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VTAVTA 10g 8cm S Swimming Action Crankbaits Fishing Lure Hard Artificial Bait For Pike Wobblers Sinking Lures 6-Segment Swimbait


Product Details: 

  • *Brand: VTAVTA 
  • *Lure Type: 6 Segments Swimbait 
  • *Diving Depth: Slow Sinking 
  • *Hook: Sharp hooks 
  • *Lure Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Wire, 3D Eyes 
  • *Lure Weight: 10g/piece 
  • *Lure Length: 8cm/piece 


  • PIKE/BASS FISHING LURE – 3D realistic looking eyes and body make it a lifelike fish. 
  • MULTI JOINTED BODY – The body pieces connect with textile fabrics allows these lures to wiggle from side to side as a real fish would swim. 
  • ARTIFICIAL SOLID SWIMBAIT – Reusable environment protective large mouth crankbaits. Different colours and patterns to match any fishing environment. 
  • BUILT-IN GRAVITY BALL – Raise the throw distance, produce a sound that attracts the big predators. Streamlined Design reduces wind resistance during throwing. 
  • Wonderful fishing accessories for fishing lovers.Great for fishing bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, carp, roach, trout, etc.



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