3 Or 5pcs Artificial Pike Wobblers Fishing Lures Set

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VTAVTA 3/5pcs Lifelike Artificial Pike Wobblers Fishing Lures


Product Details:

  • Brand: VTAVTA
  • Lure Type: 9-segment multi-jointed artificial fishing baits with 2 treble hooks, S-swim motion at any speed
  • Lure Weight: 20g/piece
  • Lure Length: 12.5cm/Piece


  • PIKE/BASS FISHING LURE – 3D realistic looking eyes and body make it a lifelike fish.
  • MULTI JOINTED BODY – The body pieces connect with textile fabrics allows these lures to wiggle from side to side as a real fish would swim.
  • ARTIFICIAL SOLID SWIMBAIT – Reusable environment protective large mouth crankbaits. Different colours and patterns to match any fishing environment.
  • BUILT-IN GRAVITY BALL – Raise the throw distance, produce a sound that attracts the big predators. Streamlined Design reduces wind resistance during throwing.

Wonderful fishing accessories for fishing lovers.Great for fishing bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, carp, roach, trout, etc.


  • ABS material outside which is avirulent and odourless, environmentally friendly.
  • Metal material inside which has a great effect on gravity.
  • It creates life-like swimming actions in water and attracts predators to bite.
  • Colourful lures to entice big strikes.
  • They create life-like swimming actions in water.
  • 3D eyes keep it look as realistic as natural live baits.
  • Meet all your expectation for different colours, sizes and catching different fishes.



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