JOF 13.28cm 19g Sinking Wobblers Fishing Lures Jointed

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JOF 13.28cm 19g Sinking Wobblers Fishing Lures Jointed Crankbait Swimbait 8 Segment Hard Artificial Bait For Fishing Tackle Lure

Item number: HS014

  • Color: 12 colors
  • Length: 13.28
  • Weight: 19G
  • Fishhook size: 6 #
  • There is a center of gravity transfer steel ball in the body. When throwing, it can move to the tail to improve the throwing distance.
  • The air posture is stable and smooth, and it is not easy to turn and throw.
  • It can reflect foreign light at full angle, has the effect of light inducing fish, and is suitable for different water conditions.

There are several small steel ball in the body, which will make a sound when dragging strong attracts the attention of the fish. Uses ABS plastic material for making, robust, anti-beat pound, internal use of steel ball validated precision instrument test, guarantee each bait style of swimming.


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