Popper Bait Rattling Crankbaits Fishing Lure Topwater

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  • VTAVTA 8.5cm 13.5g Popper Bait Rattling Crankbaits Fishing Lure Topwater


Product Details: 

  • Brand: VTAVTA 
  • Lure Type: Popper 
  • Lure Weight:13.5g/piece 
  • Lure Length: 8.5cm/piece 



  • Lifelike Design: Features natural fish profile, realistic scale with 3D body technology and premium paint jobs – external painted scales and gills, 3D lifelike eyes, together with erratic side-to-side action draw predators’ attention, convince fish to strike. 
  • Cupped Mouth: The popper baits are crafted with a wide concave mouth, create a much deeper gurgling sound and a more aggressive popping action, perfectly mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface, help trigger more bites. 
  • Tapered Design: The tapered tail is precisely rear weighted to delivers long, bullet-like casts even when fishing in windy conditions, and the tapered back provides a flat surface for additional flashing that attracts fish from great distances. 
  • Sharp Treble Hooks: The wide-gap round bend treble hooks (6#) with ultra-sharp conical points that bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock-solid hooksets on any bass that bites. 
  • Hook Safety Caps: The protective caps keep all your treble hook baits together without tangles or scratches, and the safety caps’ hollow design helps hook points stay sharp and dry.



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