Spider Weedless Soft Lure 7g 5cm Topwater Fishing Lures

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VTAVTA Spider Weedless Soft Lure With Realistic Design 7g 5cm Topwater Fishing Lures Artificial Silicone Bait Pike Wobbler Crank

Product Details: 

  • *Brand: VTAVTA 
  • *Lure Type: Spider Soft Lure 
  • *Diving Depth: Top Water 
  • *Hook: Sharp hooks 
  • *Lure Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Balls,3D Eyes 
  • *Lure Weight: 7g/piece 
  • *Lure Length: 5cm/piece 



  • 1) Lifelike Features: Life-like 3D Eyes And Almost Real Swimming Actions, Naturally Moving Legs, flawlessly Replicates An Actual Spider, Help Anglers Attract A Bigger Catch. 
  • 2) Made Of Super Soft And Elastic Material, Super-strong And Super-sharp Hooks. made Of Quality Material With Good Palatability, Causes The Fish To Hang On Longer For More Positive Hook Sets. 
  • 3) Rattling Steel Balls Inside Lures To Keep Balance, offer Lifelike Swimming Action In Water. noise Model Design, make Spider Lure More Easily To Be Sensed. 
  • 4) With Hooks Embedded Into The Belly Of The Spiders, Helps To Expose The Hooks Better When The Fish Strikes, And No Concern Whatsoever About Hanging Up By Lily Pads Or Weed Beds. 
  • 5) Flow-through Design And Interior Weighting System Keep It From Sinking Or Snagging, Ensures Solid Hookups. 
  • 6) With A Hollow Body And Realistic Body Design, Ensures A Consistent Natural Action That Aligns With The Realism Of The Design, makes Spider-walking Action On Open Water Easy And More Irresistible. 
  • 7) Great For Fishing Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Carp, Roach, Trout, Etc.



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