1 Bag 30g Asia Secret Protein Sticky Fishing Bait

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A special stick baits wheat fibre to help you fish. This additive makes your base mix very sticky and helps it stick to the hook. You can then also stick on other baits such as micro ball baits or maggots to bring a clump of attractive bait to the fish.

The stick additive is natural in colour and should be mixed with your base mix and flavour/scent additives.

30g Asia Secret Protein Fiber Sticker Fishing Bait Additive Material for Pole Fishing Carp Fishing Condition Bait Sticking

Wheat protein fibre for fishing bait additive, condition material

Food grade premium material

30g/bag (powder) (white colour, following baits, pastes colour are mixed with basic bait)


adding into powder type fishing baits and making the bait paste sticky and creating baits in the water, super effective for fast fish attracting and fish striking.

How to use it:

1. Add 25% to 30% volume of the protein fibre into fishing bait, mixing them together. (the more protein fibre added the sticky the bait paste will be)

2. Add 80% ~100% volume of water into the mixed bait, mix the baits totally with water and keep it waiting about 3 to 5 minutes. (depends on the basic bait use)

3. round the whole bait paste and it is ready for fishing.

(pinch a small part of bait to hook; or place the hook under the bait paste and pull hook out from the paste, the bait will stick on hook )



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