1 Bottle Carp Fishing Sticky Bait Boilie Pellet Bait

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Bottle of natural wheat protein stick bait pallets. floured and coloured to be attractive to fish these pellets also become sticky for you to enhance with extra attractants.

1 Bottle Carp Fishing Sticky Bait Boillie Grass Carp Fishing Pellet Bait Egg Lure Red Worm Corn Fruit Wheat Potato Flavor

Two Versions 

Sticky Bait New Conception of Fishing Bait Combine Feeder and Hook Bait 2 to 1. 

The Sticky Bait includes Banded Pellet Bait and Sticky Beans. The Sticky Bait is made of Special Food Grade Protein Fiber, it becomes very sticky after wetting by water.

 There are up to 6 flavours for your option. The banded pellet includes over 240pcs/bottle, the sticky beans includes over 300pcs/bottle. This bait will surely help you catch a lot. 

Packing: 1 Bottle/lot

Store in a cool, dry place.


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