MNFT Carp Fishing Feeder Bait Boillie Making Additive Bottled Musk Millet Ground Bait

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Musk flavour micro millet protein micro baits for adding to your main bait. Attractive scent and colours help to bring the fish to your hook.

100% brand new and high quality

The musk flavour can quickly spread into the water, attracting crucians Carp to gather around your fishing spot.

Various Scent Bait Additive, Fish can not resist

Wonderful tools for fishing lovers.


Material: Bait Additive


A: style-meaty Flavor-Red-Powdery

B: style-Fruit acid Flavor-Blue-Powdery

C: style-Milk Flavor-White-Powdery

Musk Millet-Fruity Flavor-Color-Millet granular

Weight:Powdery/about 30g,Millet granular/about 50g

Components Included

1Bottle x Millet Fishing Bait 

1 Bottle x Millet Fishing Bait+1 Bottle x Powdery Fishing Bait

How to use it(Four ways to use it are recommended ):

Optional 1: Use with our bait additive

Optional 2: mix with fish feed (20 g: 500 g), and then knead the mixture and cast into your fishing spot.

      (you need to soak fish feed in water for a few minutes in advance.)

Optional 3:put musk millet with other fish feed into rocket feeder or PVA bag.

Optional 4:You can also add 10% musk millet into your fishing bait. 



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