Yumoshi BA series spinning fishing reel all metal

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Full metal Aluminium body Super Quality Fishing Wheel 1000-7000 Series Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel Ball Bearing Reels

Mode:BA1000-7000 size
Ball bearings:13+1BB
BA1000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.15/180 0.18/140 0.20/120 225G 5.1:1
BA2000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.20/220 0.25/160 0.30/110 290G 5.1:1
BA3000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.20/270 0.25/200 0.30/140 305G 5.1:1
BA4000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.30/180 0.35/150 0.40/110 315G 5.1:1
BA5000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.35/180 0.40/140 0.45/100 330G 5.1:1
BA6000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.35/200 0.40/160 0.45/120 420G 4.7:1
BA7000 Line Capacity(mm/M):0.35/270 0.40/210 0.50/130 430G 4.7:1


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