Ghotda Telescopic Fishing Rods Holder Rest 1.7M 2.1M 2.4M

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Fishing Tool Telescopic Fishing Rods Folding Stainless Steel Holder Hand Rod Holder 1.7M 2.1M 2.4M

Basic Information

  • Item: Fishing Rod Hodler
  • Size: 1.7M / 2.1M / 2.4M
  • Color: Black / Red / Blue
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Section: 7


  • 1. Thicken stainless steel holder
  • 2. One-click disassembly design, convenient.
  • 3. Knob positioning. Turning the knob, then you can adjust the front and back and angle.
  • 4. Adjusting antenna head, 90 degree adjust, inside is soft rubber.
  • 5. Plug uses the knob to position and positioning is accurate.
  • 6. Thicken stainless steel plug, it is firmer to plug.
  • 7. Tapered back plug, more convenient to insert.
  • 8. Holder use thicken stainless steel.
  • 9. Roller silicone on antenna head, smooth and no harm to fishing rod.


Package Information

  • 1pc x Fishing Rod


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