MIFINE Maximus Cast lure Fishing Rod 3-50g ML/M/MH

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Maximus Cast Lure Fishing Rod 1.68/1.83/1.98/2.13/2.28/2.43/2.58/2.7/3.0M


  1. made of 30T high-elasticity carbon fiber cloth, with light hand;
  2. largest guide ring adopts Japanese FUJI guide ring, LSV-frame, high wear-resistant O-magnetic ring,
  3. maximum is LSVOG12
  4. feeling, good holding feeling and high strength;
  5. There are ML / M / MH three kinds of hardness to choose from, depends on length so check chart.
  6. it is shortened and easy to carry.
  7. The length is 1.68 /1.8 / 1.98 / 2.1 / 2.28 / 2.4 / 2.58 / 2.7 / 3.0m.
  8. The appearance is made of environmentally friendly high-performance paint and laser mark;
  9. The distance between the interfaces is 10-15mm, to ensure that there will be no jamming for a long time;
  10. High-end stainless steel U-shaped bait hanging device, easy to use.
  11. The black nylon wheel seat is matched with 3K decorative carbon cloth, and the appearance is beautiful;
  12. It adopts two-stage high-hardness black EVA grip, which is non-slip and comfortable;
  13. The tail end uses a plated metal ring with a nylon tail pad, which is strong and wear-resistant;
  14. The tail is equipped with exquisite LOGO drop plastic label;


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