18g Secret Fishing Bait Recipe Flavour Groundbait Additive Broillie

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1Bag 18g New Secret Fishing Bait Recipe 

fresh water fish bait additive 1 bag/lot 

Using tip: 

  • Bait additive including two parts: A+B 
  • A: Natural Herb Mixed Powder 
  • B: XBF attractant 
  • Prepare 120ml white wine, put part A in, put it aside for 3 days; 
  • Prepare 800g~1000g rice, or millet or wheat, put part B in, mix it. 
  • Pour herb wine (part A) into mixed rice/millet/wheat, put aside for 24 hours.
  • The treated rice/millet/wheat is ready for use, it is good groundbait for gathering fishes.

The treatment of bait should be contained in a well-sealed container like a plastic drinking water bottle.



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