5x Bags Fishing Bait Freeze Dried Pawn Freshwater Shrimps

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5 Bags Fishing Bait Freeze-Dried Pawn Freshwater Shrimps 

Soak in water before use to soften.

Size: about 1cm~4cm each

Net weight 10g/pack

Packing: 5bags

Each package contains around 70 to 90 shrimps each bag, for the most time one bag is enough for you fishing for half day. Soaking the shrimps into water 5 minutes or so, it will absorb water and become as fresh as “alive” and it is ready for fishing.


  • This bait has a natural dispersal of Hormones and Enzyme flavour that naturally attract fish within a reasonable distance.
  • This bait is harvested from sustainable aquaculture production and is 100% natural and pathogen-free product.
  • These prawns are excellent bait and will attract fresh or saltwater fish.

The long-lasting properties of this product are excellent for “stand by bait” in your tackle box for any time use. Please note not all shrimps are whole, it is normal as there are few broken ones.


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Weight0.080 kg
Dimensions12 × 8 × 2 cm

5 bag


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