13: Legends Lake 002 / Carp Fishing

So today’s over nighter Alex and I have managed to get back on Legends Lake and as you can see from the photo of the podcast the trip was lucky for me.

10: Hero vs. Villain. Brown or rainbow trout?

With guests from as far afield as Chile, Alaska, California, Australia and South Africe we debated, as ever in the spirit of fly fishing, who was the more worthy adversary. Brown or Rainbow. Listen in  and hear the result of our live poll. Charles was to be very disappointed!

11: Nandos Lake 001 / Carp Fishing

So it’s a mid week overnighter with Alex on a new lake on one of my new tickets. But before we put the carp rods out on the pods it’s time for a bit of float fishing for carp.

Stories from the riverbank

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I'm always looking out for fun and entertaining podcasts to listen to. Podcasts are so much more convenient than vlogs and blogs.

It's so much easier to listen to when driving or just relaxing. Even listening to podcasts while out fishing provides great entertainment and information.

I try and keep this list of podcasts up to date with all the important podcasters and broadcasters. However, you may find non-fishing but related podcasts appearing here.  After all podcasts on British wildlife, nature and the countryside can help us all to learn more about the environment that we love when out fishing.

So sit down, switch on your favourite listening device and enjoy a few hours of tall tails and fishy facts.