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polarised sunglasses for angling

Stylish and fashionable fishing sunglasses. All our sunglasses are polarised to help reduce glare and get a better vision of the fish. The polarised lens filters out the reflections from water and gives you better viewing.

All our sunglasses for anglers also offer UV400 light protection against the damaging radiation from the Sun.

For eyewear that works well for fishing check out our collection below.

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Showing 1–20 of 21 results

Sunglasses for fishing

We have a great range of sunglasses that are ideal for fishing and angling. When you are near water you get a lot of reflected light that can make it difficult to see the fish. It can also cause eye strain when watching floats for long periods of time.

The sunglasses we offer have polarised lenses which help reduce the amount of reflected light reaching the eyes. They are also certified to offer protection against UV400 radiation to protect the eye from long-term damage.

All our sunglasses have TAC multi-coated lenses that offer anti-glare features. this gives you the best lenses available for fishing.

We can provide a range of different styles and makes. From high-quality designer eyewear from Cook Shark to more affordable but still high-quality sunglasses from own brand manufacturers. 

With the latest lens technology and filters, you can rely on the sunglasses that we choose to sell to offer exceptional value and performance.

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