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Buying a fishing reel is probably one of the biggest investments any angler can make. This is especially true as you move towards competition angling.

But for the beginner and more general hobby angler, we offer some great value for money fishing reels.


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Reels, the power to bring a fish home

Fishing reels are probably the most expensive essential tool of anglers. This is because even budget reels need to be engineered to close measurements. There's ball-bearings, gears and countless other moving parts that need to move smoothly for a fishing reel to be effective.

For sea fishing, the reels tend to be more expensive still. This is because the reel is subject to corrosive saltwater coming off the line. This means parts need to be resistant or specially coated to prevent corrosion, jamming and rust.

Reel spool sizes

One of the things you notice when buying a fishing reel is that the model of reel often has different price options. This is because of the spool size. Larger spool sizes which can hold more line will often cost more and push up the price of your reel.

Types of fishing reel

There are lots of types of fishing reel, but for most coarse anglers the choice is normally between a spinning or baitcasting reel.

The most familiar types of fishing reels are:

  • Spincasting - not very popular in the UK. They have closed face and only really suitable for light lines and baits.
  • Spinning - a great all-round reel that is probably the most widely used.
  • Baitcasting - has specific options but can be a little more awkward to use.
  • Fly - big reels that are designed to make handling the line quick and easy
  • Trolling - big reels designed for taking on big fish, usually with bait towed behind a boat.

If you are going to spend a lot of time sea fishing then you need to ensure that your reel is suitably treated to prevent corrosion. Saltwater can very quickly start to seize up a reel that is not suitable for the conditions.

Storing a fishing reel

After every use, and especially after sea fishing, you should wash your reel with hot soapy water and then let to air dry.

Once fully dry reels should be stored in a lint-free cloth or a case to prevent dust and dirt from clogging up gears.

If you are storing your reel longterm, such as between sessions, you should get some fishing reel lubricant from a fishing shop and oil all the moving parts. It can then be stored in a case or dust-proof wrap or cloth.

Choosing a spinning or baitcasting reel?

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