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Fishing Floats

all types of bobbers and floats

Check out our range of fishing floats for all occasions. We have available floats for;

  • night fishing
  • shallow waters
  • sea-fishing

We have a range of styles and colours to suit all water and weather conditions. 

Our floats are made to be responsive to reduce the chances of the fish getting away.

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Showing 1–20 of 43 results

Fishing Floats

Discover our growing range of fishing floats at Tackle King. We have a collection of floats to help put together your end tackle for all conditions.

Whether you are fishing in deep water, shallow water or at sea our range of floats and bobbers are made to be effective in most weather conditions.

For those who enjoy night fishing, we provide a range of illuminated floats - both LED light and light stick versions.

Take time out to fish and find which floats works best for you.

Types of float for night fishing

There are two main types of float for night fishing. We sell both types. The types are: 

  • Electric LED floats
  • Lightstick floats

The first type - the LED float - has a small battery inside which lights up the stem of the float. It is a much easier float to use at night because the light changes colour when a sensor thinks a fish has taken the bite. 

Most LED floats will have a green light which shows on the stem normally.  Once the fish takes the bite and the float drops in the water the light turns red. This makes it much easier to see and determine when to strike.

The second type of night float for fishing is using a normal float but swapping out the stem of the float for a small luminous light stick. This is a small plastic tube containing chemicals. Once activated the stick will glow for a number of hours depending on size. 

Most good quality floats will allow you to remove the stem of the float and allow a night lightstick to replace it. You then just watch the floats as a normal float, there is no colour change when a bite takes place.

Overall we think the LED light floats are the best floats for night fishing. They do tend to be expensive to purchase but with rechargeable batteries, they offer longer-term better value than light sticks.

Shallow water floats

We stock both shallow water and deep water floats. Shallow water floats will have a shorter tail on the float to stop them from being grounded onto the bed of the stream or lake that you are fishing in. They are often called 'chubber' floats or 'puddle chuckers' because of their short, fat and dumpy appearance. The bulbous 'float' has a lot of buoyancy and can help with using heavy tackle on shallow and fast-flowing water.

Sea fishing floats

We also sell sea fishing floats. By the very nature of sea fishing being in bigger water and waves than coarse and freshwater fishing, many sea fishing floats are larger and have high buoyancy.  This makes them easier to see and also allows bigger baits to be used.

Many sea fishing floats are bulbous in appearance to have lots of buoyancy for large baits and weights and still be seen in the waves.

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