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a bobber for every angling type and style

Fishing floats can be used in both freshwater coarse angling and sea fishing. There are many different designs depending on if you are fishing in shallow water or deep. There are designs for fishing at night and in low light conditions.

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Bobbers and floats keeping your bait suspended


Bobbers and floats are pretty much the same things. Some people use the terms differently with round or globe-like floats being called bobbers and stick floats called floats.

Whatever you call them the float has two important tasks for angling;

  • keeping the bait suspended at the correct depth for your target fish
  • indicating when a fish has taken the bait

From this, you can determine what sort of float you need for your given situation.

When fishing with big heavy baits you need a float with good buoyancy to keep the bait suspended. These ten to be floats with larger bodies or globe floats like a bobber.

The makeup of a float

A fishing float has three main parts;

  • bristle - the stick at the top of the body and is usually brightly coloured to make it easier to see
  • body - this tends to be where most of the buoyancy comes from. These vary in shape and size depending on what you are using as bait and the condition of the water.
  • stem - this is the thin section at the bottom of the float and offers stability. These come in various lengths to suit the depth of water you are fishing in.

Design of floats

Floats come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes and qualities. There are highly expensive handmade and decorated floats down to mass-produced foam floats that cost less than a pound to buy.

Floats can be used for both day and night fishing as well as both freshwater and sea angling. Sea angling floats tend to be larger because the fish are larger than freshwater fish. The floats also need to be seen against choppier waters.

There are two types of night fishing floats.

The first makes use of batteries and LED lights. These can also have gravity sensors included which change the colour of the light when a bite is taken and the float is yanked down.

The second type of night float makes use of a small luminous cartridge that you bend to mix to chemicals together. This mixing produces light.

Buying fishing floats online

Fishing floats are generally a low-value item. this means when you buy them online in most cases they will be packs of multiple floats. These may all be the same design of float or they may be a pack of assorted floats.

Most of the floats we offer come in multi-packs.

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