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affordable performance tackle

KastKing offers the more avid angler and match fisherman a quality piece of gear at an affordable price.

KastKing is fast becoming a recognised and reliable brand for many of its models. They are effective and can be used in matches and competition fishing but do not come with the cost of the big brands.

The KastKing range is a good solid performance range but still remaining affordable.

KastKing is a US-based company that does some line manufacturing in the United States but their products are made predominantly in China.


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Showing 1–20 of 29 results

Performance tackle at low prices

Kastking is a United States fishing tackle company. While a lot of their items are manufactured in China they also manufacture in the US.

The aim of KastKing is to provide performance level fishing great at a mid-price range.

The range currently includes fishing rods, margin poles, reels and fishing lines.

The KastKing range is a good solid range for leisure or recreational anglers looking for reasonable priced tackle and gear.

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