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Our collection of UV Sun Screen clothing gives greater protection than normal clothing.

As a comparison – a typical mid-price white cotton t-shirt with a standard weave gives a UPF5 level of protection. Our UPF30 clothing gives 6 times greater protection from damaging Sun UV light and our UPF50+ clothing gives 10 times greater protection against the Sun.

This reduces your risks of sunburn, ageing of the skin and reduces the risk of some types of skin cancer. Keep safe when out fishing.


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When you spend all day out in the Sun, especially when near water and reflected sunshine it is always worth protecting your skin. This can be done by using creams or clothing.

Buying sunscreen clothing can seem a little expensive but can ultimately work out cheaper and a lot more convenient than using sunscreen creams. Creams will need regular replacing and topping up throughout the day while clothing can provide protection without that ongoing maintenance.

Skin cancer charities highlight how useful sunscreen clothing can be for when you do a lot of outdoor activities.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommend a minimum of UPF30 for clothing to get their seal of approval. Higher protection can be beneficial for those people susceptible to sunburn and other skin conditions.

With sunscreen lotions, the standards are set by SPF factors while the clothing is measured by UPF factors. Clothing protects against both UV A and UV B while sunscreen creams tend to protect against UV B.

A standard while cotton t-shirt will average a UPF5 level. This means that a fifth (20%) of UV light will pass through the material and reach the skin. So a simple shirt can greatly reduce the damage caused by UV light in sunshine.

Greater protection comes from UV sunscreen clothing. The material and type of weave used to combine to reduce the amount of UV light reaching the skin.

A UPF30 shirt will allow a thirtieth (3.33%) of light through to the skin while a UPF50+ will allow a fiftieth or less (under 2%) of UV light through to the skin.

Over time the amount of protection provided by sunscreen clothing can diminish. This is not because there is a coating or material degrades during washes. The most likely thing - after many many washes - is that the special weave of the material starts to distort and open up. This is why it's important to follow the washing instructions and drying instruction.

Most sunscreen clothing should be washed on a cool setting and hung fry. Using a tumble drier and hot air to dry increases the risk of distorting the weave and reducing the protection level.

Browse through our range of sunscreen protection clothing when you look to buy your next fishing clothing for the Summer months. We have some great designs at value prices.



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