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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Your FAQ’s Answered, with Jeremy Benn of Orvis Tech Support

Your FAQs answered! This week I interview my old friend Jeremy Benn, longtime Orvis employee and head of our Outfitter Team in Roanoke , Virginia. These are the wonderful people who answer all your tackle questions via e-mail, telephone, and live chat. There are certain questions they get (and I get on podcast requests) over and over again, including: What rod do I need for….? Can I use the same fly rod outfit for … and >>>? Do I really get something more when I buy a more expensive rod? How much backing do I need? What leader do I need for …? I am going to …. What flies do I need? What is the best knot? In the Fly Box this week, here is a sample of the kinds of questions I try to answer: How do I become a fishing guide? When do I fish upstream and when do I fish downstream? Why do you put barrel swivels on your braided leaders? (We don’t.) How do you avoid breaking your rod when getting flies out of trees? What will be the effects of the recent hurricane on trout and saltwater fishing in North Carolina? How often do you fish parachutes and Sparkle Duns as opposed to traditional dry flies? How long can you keep a trout in a net if it has cool running water in the net? Can I use my switch rod for schoolie stripers? What flies should I use for landlocked Atlantic salmon? How do I target cruising salmon and steelhead on the Chicago shoreline? What happened to the Orvis app? Why can’t I catch trout in tailwaters on streamers from my canoe? Plus two great fly-tying tips from a listener.

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