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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Blane Chocklett and his Baitfish

This week my guest is the great guide and fly tier Blane Chocklett [39:45]. We talk about his development of innovative fly patterns like the Gummy Minnow and Game Changer, but also about his philosophy of imitating baitfish and how to choose the right streamer depending on conditions. I know you streamer, musky, and saltwater junkies will learn a lot in this one.

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions and tips from listeners: How do I know what color combinations to use on my flies? Can I put a 225-grain sinking line on my 7-weight fiberglass rod? I have an 8 1/2 foot Clearwater 4 weight. What rod should I add to my arsenal for bass fishing? How can I catch those difficult carp on my local lake in Norway? What should I do with all the extra flies I tie? How do you know when a nymph should be tied on a curved hook? A great tip for organizing materials for single patterns by putting all of the materials in a tray. Trout are supposed to be in deep, slow pools in cold weather but I see them in riffles and pools. Why? Another great tip on organizing fly-tying materials using duct tape, ziplock bags, and a 3-ring binder What is the nest leader for small-stream fishing, when you are mostly casting just the leader?

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