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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast From Phones to Drones- Taking Better Pictures on the Water

Being a camera gear geek, I was delighted to interview Chris Niccolls  (interview starts at 47:16) of DP Review TV. (If you are also a camera geek, you probably read DP Review regularly.) Chis is a photography teacher as well as a video star, has worked in camera shops, and currently works in a fly shop in Calgary. In the interview, he gives some fantastic tips on how to take better fish and fishing pictures in both the video and still formats. He also suggests some brands and models of phones, cameras, and drones that he feels are best suited for fishing photography.  I know I learned a whole mess of new tricks for taking better fishing pictures, and I am sure you will, too.

In the Fly Box, we cover plenty of topics that may help answer questions you have had about fly fishing:

  • Should I get a 6½-foot or 7½-foot rod for small streams?  What weight line is best, and should I get a Double Taper or Weight Forward line?
  • Do you carry a small seine with you when trout fishing?
  • How many wind knots should I expect in a day of fishing?
  • I fish for salmon and stripers.  Should I get a full-sinking or sinking-tip line in addition to my floating line?
  • How do you travel with fly rods?  Do you carry them on or check them?
  • Would a 12-foot, 6-inch two-handed rod be OK for both stripers and smallmouths?
  • What do you think offly clips?
  • Should I use nylon or Fluorocarbon tippets for dries and nymphs?
  • I have lost my passion for fly fishing.  Does this ever happen to you?
  • A suggestion from a listener on targeting white bass in Texas on their spawning runs
  • If I only had one type of line for stripers, bass, and pike because of expense, what line should I buy?
  • Do you have any suggestions for catching stocked trout when the spin guys are catching tons of them using corn as bait?
  • Is there a big difference between the Battenkill IV Spey and Battenkill IV disc?
  • Is there an advantage to using a rotary vise?
  • How long does it take trout eggs to hatch?
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