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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast More Catch-and-Release Science, with Dr. Aaron Adams

This week I interview Dr. Aaron Adams [@38:29], chief scientist at Bonefish Tarpon Trust, and he explains some of the science behind proper fish handling techniques.  Although we talk primarily about bonefish and tarpon, I learned some surprising facts about the question:  “If a fish is hooked deeply, is it better to try to remove the hook or just cut the tippet?”  I’m not going to tell you the answer.  You’ll need to listen to the podcast.

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions and tips from listeners:

Can you suggest  few trout flies that are reliable and relevant year-round?

Why do I have trouble hooking trout in small mountain streams?

What is the proper way to set the drag on a reel before you begin fishing?

How much tension is added to your tippet when you have the whole fly line out on a running fish?Why doesn’t anyone talk about frogs and toads as trout prey?

Why does my Improved Clinch Knot keep failing?

Are neat flies more effective than scruffy ones?

A suggestion from a listener about using the “wrong” color thread to tie a better fly.

Where should I spend most of my budget when assembling a fly-tying setup?

A suggestion from a listener about using a bobbin threader to tie a nail knot.

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