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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Saltwater tips from the San Francisco Bay, with Sarah Landstrom

[Interview starts at 45:51] This week’s podcast was recorded prior to Covid 19 but I sat on it for awhile because it was about saltwater fly fishing in the San Francisco Bay area and I wanted to wait until sheltering at home restrictions were eased a bit and people could get out to try these ideas.  Sarah Landstrom of Lost Coast Outfitters regularly leads trips for this accessible and interesting urban fishing, and she has some great tips, and even suggestions for locations to try.   In the Fly Box this week, we have a number of interesting questions–plus a great e-mail from a listener on how he successfully uses two-handed rods for nymphing in Alaska.  Some of the questions this week are:

  • Do you think planning a trip with a guide will help me learn new skills?
  • What is the best way to go about asking for permission to fish on private land?
  • I don’t have much time to fish.  How can I streamline things and become more efficient so I don’t spend all my time rigging and tying knots?
  • Do you think a surgeon’s knot is visible to fish?
  • Where on my leader do I put my indicator?
  • Why can I hook trout on dry flies?
  • What locations, flies, and weather conditions are best for night fishing?
  • Should I use mothballs in my fly tying materials?
  • Should I microwave my fly-tying materials?
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