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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Stripping Streamers in the Fall, with Butch Wicks

Stripping Streamers in the Fall, with Butch Wicks  With all the hype around trout Spey and swinging streamers, let’s not lose sight of plain old streamer stripping, which is a faster-paced way of fishing streamers and often results in explosive strikes.  Montana/Washington guide Butch Wicks of Healing Waters Lodge in Twin Bridges, Montana gives us some hot tips on stripping streamers in the Fall. The interview starts at 28:00.

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions and comments:

I am teaching a friend how to fish nymphs.  Should I start him on dry dropper and indicator fishing or Euro nymphing?

Will my Trout Poly Leaders work OK for swinging flies for Lake Erie steelhead, or do I also need to get Spey Polyleaders?

Why could I not catch fish during a heavy Green Drake spinner fall?I had to cut my fly line.  Is there any way to repair it without a bulky connection?

What should I keep in mind when tying some steelhead patterns to use on Pacific salmon?

A clarification to the podcast on the Clean Water Act from a retired EPA wetland scientist.

What to do if you see someone on the water with very poor fish-handling techniques.Is trout spawning temperature of day length dependent, and  what behavioral clues should I look for?

I saw what I thought were carp feeding on the surface.  Do carp feed on top, and if so what do they eat?

How do you set the hook when using a two-handed strip for striped bass?

When should I use a weighted vs. unweighted fly for striped bass in San Franciso Bay, and what fly line should I use?

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