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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Winter Fly-Fishing in the Far North, with Timbre Pringle

Continuing our exploration of winter trout fishing techniques, this week my guest is angler and photographer Timbre Pringle [40:08]. You have likely seen photos of Timbre or ones taken by her and her husband Darcy in Orvis catalogs and ads, as well as many of the fly-fishing magazines. She doesn’t exactly fish in the far north as she fishes in Alberta, in southern Canada, but for most Americans any place in Canada seems like the far north. Timbre gives her tips for fishing her local river, the Bow, in the winter, but she offers tips that will work during the winter in any trout stream.

In the Fly Box this week, listeners share the following questions, comments, and tips: I have been taken to task for telling people to never trust anglers who tell them to “never” or “always” do something, yet I tell people to always check their knots. A tip for carrying two rods in one case. Will a textured Orvis Pro Fly Line give me more distance? Where do you start making changes when things just aren’t working? How do you estimate the depth of the water where you’re going to fish your nymph? I saw a recommendation in a book for an 8-foot rod for 6/7 weight line for trout. Most other people in my river use 3-weights. What gives? Can I fish a dry fly on my 10-foot, 3-weight Recon rod? Are the flow levels I see online useful? How do I fish nymphs in a deep, slow plunge pool? Should I spit on my flies to get them to sink? What do you think about UV tying materials?

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