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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Winter Fly-Fishing Tips part 1, with Tim Johnson

I’ve begun a series on winter trout fishing podcasts with various experts around the country. I think it will be interesting to see how their approaches compare, what flies and leaders they use, and how they keep their hands and feet warm. This week’s guest is Tim Johnson [38:41], who you probably know more as an artist on Instagram or on the Orvis Artist Collab series of H3 rods. Tim is also a longtime guide and experienced angler and has spent many winter days on his home waters in Utah. He’s also one of the best storytellers I know so I think you’ll enjoy the interview.

In the Fly Box this week, we have a great collection of questions and tips from listeners: How much difference is there between a 9-foot and 10-foot 8-weight rod, and which would be best for both steelhead and bass fishing form shore? Some people say always strip in a trout and others say always get a fish on the reel. Which method is correct? A tip on using a bicycle tire patch for fixing waders. How much damage will I do to a nymph hook if I bend it slightly? I got skunked on a spring creek when trout were jumping for adult midges. What should I do the next time I see this? Where can I go on the East Coast for some decent fishing but with lots of tourist attractions for my family? In a cutthroat stream I fish, the brown trout are invasive and I want to kill them. Is it true that brown trout are not very good for eating? A listener’s take on the parallels between music and fly fishing. A listener’s complaint about tasteless fly names. When should I use a parachute fly and when should I use a traditional hackled fly?

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