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Carpgeezeer Podcast 5: Episode 5

The Carp Geezeers Pete&Rob are back from episode 5 along with a long awaited/Talked about Guest in no other then Darren from the UK Bait Company
In this CarpGeezeer Cast we talk to Darren about his company with future plans from the bait etc with his views on what is go on within this pandemic and how it may effect the carp fishing/fishing industry
We touch on the subject about getting bait out of the uk and how he sees it 
Would like to say a big thank you to Nathan the producer of the podcast for his hard work on this one as i know how how difficult this one was and also a big thanks to Darren UK BAIT COMPANY for being a Top Guest
CarpGeezeers: Pete Walton/Rob Wild
Producer: Nathan Manning
FB: CarpGeezeers Page
INSTAGRAM, Carp_Geezeer

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