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Carpgeezeer Podcast 9: Episode 9 Part 1

Episode 9 is here with a Guest, That i have been in talks with for some time about getting on a podcast and with his history of carp fishing and for what and who he is connected to this was always going to be a great great Episode!

I give you no other then Mr Keith Gladdish.. DNA Distributor for the kent area

Keith has been there and done it along with meeting some what i call proper Carp Fishing characters passed and present

This Episode is about keith with what his connections are to DNA Baits with chat about the baits and of course The Bug!

Im not going to say to much about this one so just listen as i dont want to spoil it, but i will say this is a good one…and also this episode is part 1 of 2 and this will be recorded next week with of course keith and his son also making his Carp Geezeer podcast debut

It is Mental Health week and there is a tribute to a friend of mine that took his own life 3 weeks ago and i dedicate this podcast to him

Thanks to

Keith Gladdish for being a top Guest

My Wife Shiralee for putting up with me as always and for holding me up in the last 6 weeks

Nathan who is the producer of this podcast and is now someone i look to as a good friend… so to all i thank you

FB: Garpgeezeers

Instagram: Carp.geezeer


Producer: Nathan Manning

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